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For Korg M1/T-Series

* Export every Sysex Sound file from every MPC Card in the Series! *

"All Card Sets combined contain twice as much PCM waveform data as the M1 does internally... both in terms of number of Multisounds, number of Drum Sounds, and physical size of the waveform data. If you haven't heard the M1's Card Sets then you've only heard a fraction of what the M1 is capable of."

Like you I love my M1/T-Series synths... and over time I've wanted to expand them with new Multisounds. Korg made 16 great PCM Card Sets for these synths so there is an expansion path. Trouble is they no longer sell these sets or provide any information about them... and finding them used is no easy task either.

So in an effort to help all of you M1/T-Series users out there I wrote a software application called Card Set Master. This software has a ton of cool features that should help you greatly in your Card Set Quest.

If you're seriously considering the purchase of card sets than get this software first! I wish this software was out there when I was buying my cards. It would have saved me a lot of time, trouble, and money. I hope it helps you out so you won't have to go thru what I did.

Check out all the features on the following pages!

Thank you.

Patch Master For Korg M1 & T-Series

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